If you’been denied Social Security Disability Benefits contact the team at Holliman Law Firm to take the next step in being approved.  We serve all of middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky including the communities of
Red Boiling Springs

Has your Social Security Disability claim been denied?

What happens if you are denied at the Initial claim level?  Don’t despair.  If your initial claim is denied, you have sixty days to file an appeal and request a Reconsideration of your claim.  At the Reconsideration level, your file will be reviewed again by Disability Determination Services for evaluation of disability.  Again, you will be approved or denied for disability.  At this level your percentage chances of being approved decrease.  What happens if you are denied at the Reconsideration level?  If your claim is denied at the Reconsideration level, you have sixty days to file an appeal (by this time there may be errors in your file that affect your chances of being approved), and request a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Do not wait until you are at the hearing level to contact Debbie or Dalis.  Let our office help you get your disability claim in order.

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