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The Social Security Disability Application Process

Social Security Disability claims are initially processed through your local Social Security Administration (SSA) field office.  Before filing your claim, whether on-line or in person, contact Debbie Holliman or Dalis Holliman.  The claim process is lengthy.  The SSA may not ask detailed questions concerning your medical history and work history.  Your medical history and work history are very important to your claim!  Your medical history is evidence of your disability.  Your work history provides evidence of whether your past work is considered heavy work, medium work, light work or sedentary work by the SSA.  Debbie or Dalis can explain to you how the SSA examines your past work.

After your Initial claim is verified by the SSA field office for non-medical eligibility requirements (which may include age, employment, Social Security coverage information or marital status), your claim will be sent to Disability Determination Services for evaluation of disability.  You will be approved or denied for disability after this evaluation.  You may be asked to see one of the SSA’s doctors.

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